OG Anunoby’s play in season opener provides snapshot of what Raptors need from his bounce-back year

Title: OG Anunoby’s play in season opener provides snapshot of what Raptors need from his bounce-back year
Date: October 25, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about OG Anunoby’s season opener, which was a snapshot of what the Raptors need from him.

It’s fitting that OG Anunoby’s most-played album of late is Young Thug’s “So Much Fun.”

While Anunoby hasn’t had quite the highs of one of his favourite artist, the trajectory is appreciated: An unexpectedly successful emergence on the scene, perhaps ahead of schedule, and a ratcheting up of expectations, fair or otherwise. Where Young Thug has tried – across seven albums in a feverish five-year period – to get outside of his comfort zone and expand his range, he remains at his best sticking to what made him successful and sprinkling in new approaches and character-defining ad-libs.

Ahead of a third NBA season in which Anunoby is looking to return to form, the lesson is instructive: Just be yourself. Anunoby has added plenty to his game since his breakout rookie year, but the Raptors don’t need a redefined Anunoby, they need a progressively improved version of that Anunoby. If all of the improvements and additions to his game can work like ad-libs and flow changes around that main role of a 3-and-D wing, Anunoby is going to have plenty of hits.

If Tuesday’s season opener against the Pelicans is any indication, “Boy Back” will be the defining track of Anunoby’s year.

Check it out!

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