Chasing A Dream: The Carl English Story

Title: Chasing A Dream: The Carl English Story
Date: November 29, 2019
Original Source: Flanker Press
Synopsis: I wrote a book! I helped Canadian basketball legend Carl English tell the story of his life and his career as co-author of his autobiography.
When Carl English was five years old, he was faced with an unimaginable tragedy. The loss of his parents in a fire would change his life as he knew it. But he found an outlet, a comfort zone, a way out of the emotional turmoil he experienced: basketball. He played, hours upon hours, on the side of the highway, in rain, wind, and even snow. As time passed, basketball grew into a passion, and then a dream.

Where would it take him? How big could he dream? And what would he need to make this dream a reality? Hard work, discipline, practice, determination, and most important, self-belief. Basketball has taken Carl all around the world and, in his own words, has blessed him with so much.

Chasing a Dream is the memoir of Newfoundland basketball phenom Carl English. It’s an inspirational true story of persevering through hard work and dedication to make a dream become reality. In Carl’s case, he always dreamed of playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Although he went undrafted through all his years playing, he enjoyed the career of a lifetime playing the sport he loves. The basketball pro from small-town Newfoundland travelled overseas and crushed the European basketball circuit. He became a superstar in his own right, by playing in Europe and for the Canadian national team, and returned to his home province to a hero’s welcome.

Read the book here.

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