Raptors Tactical: Analyzing Patrick McCaw at the point, Serge Ibaka’s pick-and-roll defence

Title: Raptors Tactical: Analyzing Patrick McCaw at the point, Serge Ibaka’s pick-and-roll defence
Date: December 30, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis:  In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I broke down the Raptors using Patrick McCaw as more of a point guard and Serge Ibaka as a deep drop-back center.

The Toronto Raptors had as busy a holiday week just as you likely had. There was rushed travel, there were ups and downs, there were visits from loved ones who have moved away — the whole package. Within that week were also some interesting wrinkles from a tactical standpoint, ones that are worth checking in on now that there are a few games’ worth of sample.

Patrick McCaw in the point guard role on offence

The Raptors’ new starting lineup with McCaw effectively lining up as a small forward was not working. The offence was struggling and the defensive boost on the perimeter that group should get in theory was not making up for it. After the Christmas Day loss, Nick Nurse mentioned wanting to use McCaw differently on offence rather than change up the unit.

Check it out on The Athletic.

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