Columbia House Party: BONUS: January Mailbag

Title: Columbia House Party: BONUS: January Mailbag
Date: January 31, 2020
Original Source: Columbia House Party
Synopsis: In the latest Patreon bonus episode of Columbia House Party, we open up the mailbag to talk video game soundtracks, music to watch for in 2020, and more.

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It’s the end of January which means… we’re one day closer to summer! It also means that the monthly mailbag is up. Blake and Jake combed through all of your awesome questions (Blake created a document) and answered as many as they could on tonight’s pod. Let’s just say we gotta little bit of karaoke talk, some 2020 album lookahead chatter and a whole bucket of nostalgia when it came to video game soundtracks.

If your question didn’t get answered, rest assured, it’s in the queue for an upcoming episode. As always, we love your thoughts, comments and feedback (mostly cause it’s so lovely). Keep in mind that the mailbag channel is always open on the discord, so if you think of a question late at night don’t hesitate to pop it in there – we check it often!

Check it out at Columbia House Party.

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