The unlikely Raptors triple-double that may have cost them Damian Lillard

Title: The unlikely Raptors triple-double that may have cost them Damian Lillard
Date: April 10, 2020
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about The Ben Uzoh Triple-Double Game, the biggest butterfly effect moment in Raptors history.

In the midst of his second professional season, Ben Uzoh was in the habit of making notes for himself. It was part of a visualization strategy he hoped would improve the mental side of his game. Often, he’d split a page into three columns, one each for his thoughts, feelings, and actions.

On the night of April 25, 2012, Uzoh reviewed the notes he’d made on a piece of stationery from Le Germain Hotel, where he’d stayed during his two-and-a-half months as a Toronto Raptor. For as successful a time as Uzoh was having in Toronto — he’d turned an initial 10-day contract into a rest-of-season deal — there was one item under the “actions” column that had still eluded him. It had eluded him across four years at Tulsa, two years split between the D-League, the New Jersey Nets, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and now with the Raptors, too.

He had never recorded a triple-double.

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