How the Raptors are approaching decisions, planning, development in the bubble

Title: How the Raptors are approaching decisions, planning, development in the bubble
Date: July 24, 2020
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about how the Raptors are approaching front office tasks from the bubble in the NBA’s relaunch.

Were 2020 a normal season and this July a normal July, the Toronto Raptors staff would be approaching what little bit of downtime the NBA’s ever-encroaching calendar allows.

Team president Masai Ujiri might be making the final preparations for his Giants of Africa camps in August. Others might be sneaking in brief vacations, staff retreats or, if you were Nick Nurse, coaching Canada Basketball in the Olympics. There is internal work still to be done at that point in a normal offseason, but by July 22 last year, the Raptors had a full 20-person roster, with only one move — freeing Jordan Loyd to head overseas and replacing him for camp with Isaiah Taylor — left to make.

Instead, the Raptors are still three months from this offseason, with Friday’s first scrimmage representing the semiofficial start of what could be a nonstop calendar year of basketball and difficult decisions made in tight windows. Their hope heading into the NBA’s bubble in Orlando is that the time frames for those decisions will be condensed as much as possible — a repeat as champions could run as late as Oct. 13, with the draft Oct. 16 and free agency opening Oct. 18 under current schedules. With the 2020-21 season presumed to start around Christmas (there is some skepticism about the feasibility of an earlier December restart with such a small turnaround), there could be an entire offseason’s worth of moves to make in just a few weeks.

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