Take our Raptors refresher quiz and prove you remember the 2019-20 season

Title: Take our Raptors refresher quiz and prove you remember the 2019-20 season
Date: July 30, 2020
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: We decided to hold a Raptors quiz The Athletic, gauging how well the fanbase remembers the season before we hit pause.

If I may put on my best Steven Page voice for a moment, it’s been 20.6 weeks since you looked at the Toronto Raptors play a basketball game that counts.

That’s 144 days, longer than the gap between the championship parade and ring ceremony, or about 81 percent of a normal regular season. You would be forgiven if you’re a little fuzzy on the details from back in March. Two days out from the return of the Raptors against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday, we’re here to help test your memory on the 2019-20 season that has been so far.

The Athletic’s Raptors refresher quiz isn’t just a fun way to kill time until there’s meaningful basketball on. Nate Pearson can’t start every night, you know? Nor is it just me borrowing from good pal and fellow pop-punk aficionado Sean Gentille on the Penguins beat. This might actually be necessary for some of you as you jump back in. And if you’re not one of those people, well, then bragging rights in the comments section are on the line.

There is only one correct answer for each question, so no “none of the above” or “all of the above.” Sadly, that made my favourite question a casualty on the final cut: “In which category was Nick Nurse leading all NBA coaches? Technical fouls, self-branded apparel, or tasty guitar riffs?” The answer, of course, being “D – All of the above.” Forty questions, one right answer each, my undying respect on the line.

Let’s get it.

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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