Raptors Mailbag Pt 3: Rebuilding, development, free agent strategy and more

Title: Raptors Mailbag Pt 3: Rebuilding, development, free agent strategy and more
Date: September 25, 2020
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I opened up the mailbag to answer questions about how to develop players this offseason, a possible Raptors rebuild, and more.

“Your mail’s not safe in this town.” – Alexisonfire

And here you thought I’d abandoned your remaining questions. Like I would ever do that to Kenyon, Lora, Spenser or any of the rest of you. We’ve just got to spread this gargantuan offseason mailbag out is all.

You can check out Part 1 of this mailbag here and Part 2 here. We’ll have lots of time later in the offseason to keep running through scenarios, so don’t fret if you missed the window. Some questions have been edited for brevity or to include multiple reader questions in one breath.

Background Reading: Raptors offseason reset | Raptors offseason cap primer | The Fred VanVleet-2021 question in detail | Koreen on Ujiri’s presser

Let’s get it.

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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