Raptors draft profiles: 12 possible fliers Toronto could target at No. 59

Title: Raptors draft profiles: 12 possible fliers Toronto could target at No. 59
Date: November 14, 2020
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about 12 players the Raptors could target at the end of the draft or as undrafted free agents.

You can never be too thorough in preparing for a Toronto Raptors draft.

I’ve shared the stories at length before, but Bruno Caboclo, Pascal Siakam and Dewan Hernandez were all moderate surprises as draft picks despite ample legwork heading into those drafts. Here in 2020, when we don’t have the benefit of predraft workouts and we’re dealing with a deep, flat draft, it feels even more important to cast a wide net.

And so in the spirit of being thorough, we’re doubling the batch size for our final group of draft profiles. We’re going to go through these players a little more quickly than other groups in the interest of covering more names. This will bring us to 56 draft profiles in total (plus four players who withdrew), so if you’re wondering who the Raptors will take, comb through the handful of players we didn’t manage to get to. (I’m comfortable in my prep on maybe 15 more names, we’re just running out of time before Wednesday’s draft.)

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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