DeMar DeRozan’s aspirational growth leaves imprint on Raptors, Spurs, NBA

Title: DeMar DeRozan’s aspirational growth leaves imprint on Raptors, Spurs, NBA
Date: December 26, 2020
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about DeMar DeRozan’s constant growth on and off the court, and the impact it has around the league.

It was a shot the Toronto Raptors asked DeMar DeRozan to add to his game for years.

A game in the balance, the ball swings beyond the arc, and DeRozan seamlessly knocks down a 3, his form as pretty as the countless long 2s he’s drained in his career. A few moments later, the leverage even higher, he drains another.

This was the ideal DeRozan. His driving and post games were so dominant early that double-teams were required. When the defence adjusted, DeRozan became a playmaker, using that attention against his opponent.

And Saturday, when an opponent bet on the longer track record suggesting you can help off of him when he’s spotting up, he made that team pay with three 3s, and nearly a fourth if it weren’t for his trademarked toe-on-the-line 2.

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