What Malachi Flynn needs, trade scenarios and Plan Bs: Raptors Mailbag

Title: What Malachi Flynn needs, trade scenarios and Plan Bs: Raptors Mailbag
Date: February 5, 2021
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I opened up the mailbag to discuss Malachi Flynn in the G League bubble, Bobby Webster’s new contract, and a lot more.

A couple of days can dramatically alter the tone of a mailbag. Put the call for questions out on a Tuesday, and they might focus on trades to tear things down, a certain prospect not playing and an unsigned front office executive. Twenty-four hours later, the franchise record in points in a game has been broken, the vibes have improved, said prospect is headed to the Orlando G League Bubble and the general manager, but still not the president, is locked up to a multi-year extension.

I guess I should be trying to turn these mailbags around rapid fire. Instead, we’re going to tackle the questions that feel relevant today and pocket the others for down the line, either as a Part Two next week or as fodder for the more mailbag-heavy trade deadline season that will begin in earnest in a few weeks.

As always, apologies if I didn’t get to your question. It’s probably personal.

Let’s get it.

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