Raptors trade targets: Shopping options for a wing/forward at the deadline

Title: Raptors trade targets: Shopping options for a wing/forward at the deadline
Date: March 3, 2021
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I broke down the Raptors potential options on the trade market if they look to pivot from their presumed need and acquire a non-centre.

The Toronto Raptors have been finding success playing without a traditional centre this season. While the need for help at the five is obvious, expanding their search for reinforcements shouldn’t be limited to that position. What if the Raptors, looking at the market, determine it’s better to lean into their new identity and get even more capable with those nominally smaller looks?

I thought that might be a fruitful path even before going through the potential centre market in great detail earlier in the week. After a deep look at every roster and the impossible task of trying to figure out who is a buyer and a seller when the Knicks are above .500 and almost the entire league is within a few games of a playoff spot, I came away more or less neutral on the idea. Centre remains a need and there could be some affordable ones if the next few weeks of the season shake out right.

Adding a wing or forward should remain an option. The Raptors like how they look with multiple versatile forwards on the floor defensively, and amplifying those strengths should be a real consideration. That depends to some degree on who is actually available — today’s list is shorter than Monday’s — but it’s worth a look. So let’s take one.

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