Raptors trade scenarios: Who says no? Writers weigh in

Title: Raptors trade scenarios: Who says no? Writers weigh in
Date: March 19, 2021
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I ran some of the most common Raptors trade ideas by beat writers from other teams to see if there might be a deal to be made.

Things move quickly during the NBA’s trade season. With less than a week before the March 25 deadline, the Rockets and Bucks forced a rewrite of this article with a deal on Wednesday.

That P.J. Tucker deal accomplished three things for our Raptors-centric purposes: It took Tucker off the market if the Raptors are buyers, it (probably) took the Bucks out of the mix if the Raptors are sellers and it further established the market for win-now help.

Depending on which direction you’re hoping the Raptors go, the net effect there could be a positive or a negative. Tucker was a favourite target of readers in our annual trade ideas mailbag, and the cost to add an established rotation piece looks substantial now. If you’re in the sell-high camp on Norman Powell, however, seeing Houston land a low-end prospect, the right to swap 2021 picks and a flip of one future first for a more valuable one later down the line, you have to be encouraged.


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