OG Anunoby’s ejection pushes Raptors’ depth issues, fiscal restraint to forefront

Title: OG Anunoby’s ejection pushes Raptors’ depth issues, fiscal restraint to forefront
Date: April 6, 2021
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about OG Anunoby’s ejection thinning out the Raptors even further, a difficulty of their own making as they’ve chosen to run with a short roster for weeks.

Dennis Schroder wrapping up OG Anunoby on a transition drive seemed harmless enough.

It was a strong wrap, but Schroder — giving up 60 pounds in the matchup — kept his arms below the neck and never seemed in danger of sending the sturdy Anunoby to the ground. Anunoby steadied himself with a few steps. At some point, the steadying turned into a shot for a single-leg takedown and, feeling the entanglement had gone on long enough, Anunoby discarded Schroder to the floor. The 60-pound difference — and the strength differential it correctly suggests — was obvious.

Call it a nod to Abyss or Kane or The Big Bossman here in WrestleMania week; whatever the comparison, Anunoby made Schroder look like an undersized cruiserweight.

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