Murphy, Koreen: Philosophizing about the Raptors’ odd position in NBA Draft

Title: Murphy, Koreen: Philosophizing about the Raptors’ odd position in NBA Draft
Date: June 3, 2021
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, Eric Koreen and I discussed our draft philosophies and how they apply to the Raptors this year.

Welcome​ to another edition of​​ Raptors Reasonablists with​ Eric​ Koreen​ and​​ Blake​​ Murphy. Throughout the season, Raptors staff writers Koreen and Murphy discuss hot-button issues surrounding the team, but with an even-keeled approach in pursuit of finding a reasonable middle ground. If we have faith in anything, it is that reasonable middle grounds lead to a) workable long-term solutions; b) increased empathy and understanding for others; and c) more wins — at least more wins when they truly matter, probably. We hold these truths to be self-evident, and we hold these truths to be good truths.

KOREEN: The Raptors have a lottery pick for the first time since 2016, and I’m doing something more than cursory draft preparation for the first time since … 2016. Coincidence? Blake, it is not.

You know what, though? I love the smell of wingspan in the morning. I love the draft, and the hope it provides, even if I fundamentally believe that the draft format undercuts the competitiveness of the games, which are supposed to be the point of all this. That’s a rant for another day. I love how people can develop attachments to the ideas of players in certain roles so quickly, only to be jarred by watching a rookie trying to figure out complex NBA schemes in real time come November. I love forecasting the future.

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