Trading Pascal Siakam to the Warriors? A deal might be difficult for Raptors

Title: Trading Pascal Siakam to the Warriors? A deal might be difficult for Raptors
Date: July 5, 2021
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about the idea of the Raptors trading Pascal Siakam and why I think any rumours to that effect have limited legs.

The calendar for the last two NBA seasons has shifted so much it can be difficult to get our bearings here with the playoffs winding down, international play picking up and draft season rolling along. What moon are we in? Is Mercury in retrograde? What is the maximum allowable number of shirts to cut the sleeves off because you put on a few pounds in the pandemic and are uncomfortable with how you’re being perceived right now?

More important than any of that: Where are the transactions?

As a friend reminded me on July 1, with a normal NBA calendar, we would be fully in the swing of “silly season.” Instead, the free agent moratorium has been bumped from the July long weekend to the August long weekend, and our sweaty, summer nights emerging back to patios have not yet shifted to free agency. Rather, the winds of draft speculation have taken on uncharacteristic warmth.

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