Raptors Draft Board: Ranking the 2021 class through a Toronto lens

Title: Raptors Draft Board: Ranking the 2021 class through a Toronto lens
Date: July 28, 2021
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I reviewed all of my draft work to date and ranked the 2021 class through a Raptors perspective.

It’s almost time.

The Toronto Raptors are about to make their first top-four pick since Andrea Bargnani, with Thursday’s NBA Draft (8 p.m. ET) slowly inching closer. In the place of chaos, so far, has been chaos’s insecure cousin, rumour. For the time being, the Raptors hold the No. 4 pick with a potentially franchise-altering decision to make.

The time for preamble is over. After a few months of catching up and annoying Sam Vecenie and members of Draft Twitter to confirm or refute my takes on different players, I think I have a solid handle on things. What I don’t have, unlike prior years, is any access to the Raptors’ actual pre-draft process and the occasional insight that can come with those visits and conversations. We’ve done the best we can to lay out Thursday’s draft through a Raptors lens nonetheless.

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