FIBA World Cup Qualifying primer: Explaining why it’s important for Canada

Title: FIBA World Cup Qualifying primer: Explaining why it’s important for Canada
Date: November 27, 2021
Original Source: Sportsnet
Synopsis: In my latest at Sportsnet, I explained the qualification process for the 2023 FIBA World Cup and teed up Canada’s first window of qualifiers.

It’s a weekend of new beginnings for Canada Basketball.

Not only does Sunday represent the first game in the new partnership between Canada Basketball and Sportsnet, it’s also the beginning of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 qualifying cycle for the senior men’s national team.

t’s a long road to that event, with multiple stages of qualifying – and a separate tournament smack in the middle of qualifying – and the uncertainty around in-season qualifying windows means there’s significant pressure to win when you have a good roster turnout. Canada definitely has that for a pair of games with Bahamas, and with records and point differentials carrying over to subsequent rounds, it’s a great opportunity to hit the ground running and lay the groundwork for a 2023 World Cup that’s hopefully more successful than the last four.

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