Dangerous fit: Analyzing James Harden’s immediate impact on 76ers

Title: Dangerous fit: Analyzing James Harden’s immediate impact on 76ers
Date: March 9, 2022
Original Source: Sportsnet
Synopsis: In my latest at Sportsnet, I took a look at James Harden’s fit in Philadelphia through five games.

One of the great (read: nerdy, insular) parts about being a fan of a specific sports team is the sort of ownership over their history one innately feels.

A Toronto Raptors fan instinctively recalls 12 as the magic number of threes Donyell Marshall hit in 2005 whenever a player starts heating up from outside. Memphis Grizzlies fans had 45 in mind when Ja Morant was dominating on Feb. 26, and then again on Feb. 28 to break Mike Miller’s 15-year-old franchise scoring record.

Every team has their records, their statistical anomalies, and their numerical esoterica, items that seem nonsensical to the layman but are part of the pledge of allegiance within that fan circle.

James Harden is a wellspring in this regard, and he’s wasted no time providing Philadelphia 76ers fans with new benchmarks to follow and adjust.

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