Raptors hopefuls make final case for 15th roster spot

Title: Raptors hopefuls make final case for 15th roster spot
Date: October 20, 2016
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: For my second piece with The Athletic Toronto, I broke down the competition for the Raptors’ final roster spot.

The Toronto Raptors entered training camp high on the continuity index, with relatively little upheaval to the primary rotation and few major questions hanging over the team. While concerns have crept in over the course of the last month, namely with respect to apparently minor injuries for Jared Sullinger and Terrence Ross, things have mostly gone as expected.

The Raptors have been a little boring this preseason, to be frank.

For six of the names in camp, though, the preseason could probably stand to be a little longer.

The Raptors expanded their preseason roster to 20 this year, the maximum allowed, with the final six names all competing in earnest for the team’s 15th roster spot. Toronto eschewed the opportunity to cash in their bi-annual exception to secure a veteran forward, saving that bullet for mid-season or for 2017-18 (depending on the new collective bargaining agreement) and ensuring that a third rookie will join a roster that has six other players within their first three seasons in the league.

The roster hopefuls have experienced varying degrees of success so far, and with head coach Dwane Casey suggesting Friday’s preseason finale could resemble a dress rehearsal of sorts, they may have already made their closing arguments. The Raptors have until Monday to make their decision. Here’s the case each player can make ahead of cut-down day.

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