It’s a long road to the NBA — and maybe the Warriors — for Damion Lee, Steph Curry’s future brother-in-law

Title: It’s a long road to the NBA — and maybe the Warriors — for Damion Lee, Steph Curry’s future brother-in-law
Date: January 17, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: I chipped in at The Athletic San Francisco, writing from The G League Showcase about Warriors prospect Damion Lee, his recovery from a second torn ACL, and his relationship with the Curry family.

As far as metaphors go, it’s tough to find a more apt one than the drive from Santa Cruz to Oakland. The 90-minute trek through San Jose isn’t the easiest of drives, so while it’s as scenic as any stretch on the Pacific Coast, the bending highway removes some of the opportunity to relax and enjoy the ride.

For players trying to make that drive figuratively, from the G League to the NBA, few moments of success or progress afford a chance to stop focusing even for a second. Litter the road with injury, and the trek becomes all the more arduous.

This is the reality of Damion Lee, the Santa Cruz Warriors’ 6-foot-6 wing whose circuitous path toward his NBA dream finds him in Santa Cruz, finally rounding back into form after an ACL tear.

More specifically, it found him in Mississauga, Ontario, last week for the G League Showcase, where scouts and executives from all 30 teams got an intimate look at how Lee’s progressing and whether he’s once again an NBA prospect worth keeping tabs on. How Lee got to this point is a winding story, one he hopes his performance at the showcase pushes forward a chapter or two.

Continue reading at The Athletic.


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