The Malcolm Miller Rule? Why the Raptors’ 10-day deals are now on hold

Title:The Malcolm Miller Rule? Why the Raptors’ 10-day deals are now on hold
Date: February 10, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I explained why the 10-day contract with Malcolm Miller was held up because of the unprecedented roster position the Raptors find themselves in.

Not​ unlike myself, the Raptors​ were​ trying to avoid commitment.

After​ a whirlwind trade deadline that​​ saw the Raptors trade five players and three picks for cash and Marc Gasol across three separate transactions, the Raptors were in an awkward limbo without precedent. While the trade calls with the league office were completed late Thursday, the full trade process takes some additional time. The Grizzlies had multiple moves to process, all four players involved in the Gasol deal needed to pass physicals and Jonas Valanciunas had international paperwork to be sorted out. Gasol arrived in New York late Friday, but it wasn’t until close to game-time Saturday that the Raptors were sure he’d make his debut.

The trades being officially executed left the Raptors with only 10 players under NBA contract, plus their two two-way players. They technically had enough to meet the league’s active roster requirement (11) for Saturday’s game because Jordan Loyd and Chris Boucher were on-hand, but they were below the minimum number of NBA contracts as laid out in the collective bargaining agreement.

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