Columbia House Party: BONUS: February Mailbag

Title: Columbia House Party: BONUS: February Mailbag
Date: February 29, 2020
Original Source: Columbia House Party
Synopsis: In the latest Patreon bonus episode of Columbia House Party, we open up the mailbag to talk music usage in movies, music Mounts Rushmore, and more.

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Wake me up, when February ends…

It’s the monthly mailbag, friends! Blake and Jake create yet another spreadsheet filled with your queries and set out on a magical journey to try to answer them. This one is stacked with all sorts of things; band names and soundtracks, spreadsheets and sad songs. The guys cheat a little bit with the mixtape (but we won’t tell anyone).

Also want to take a moment to let you know that both Blake and Jake will be a part of the Sportsfeld live show at The Monarch Tavern in Toronto on March 25th. So if you’re gonna be in the area, come check it out! Early bird tickets are almost gone ::

Check it out at Columbia House Party.

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